Moose Gaming vs. Knäckebröd
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 Moose Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 21726824
Date Monday, 14/03/11 15:00
Calculated 14/03/11 16:40
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6 Minor Penalty  for  Moose Gaming
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Result Media
1on1:  Pawn Re, <tba><tba>
StarSLayeR 0 : 2 MaddeLisk
1on1:  Shattered Temple, <tba><tba>
viPro- 2 : 0 CyberFrog
1on1:  Testbug, <tba><tba>
Leball 0 : 2 Baozer
1on1:  Xel'Naga Caverns, <tba><tba>
Skutt 0 : 2 MooseMasher
2on2:  High Orbit, <tba><tba>
StarSLayeR, viPro- 0 : 2 nodash, CyberFrog
Knäckebröd wins !
Moose 1 : 4 tKn
Points +1 : +4
14/03/11 18:07
viPro- vs. CyberFrog Game1*
111 kB, 14/03/11 18:07, by 5057544 (tKn)
14/03/11 18:07
viPro- vs. CyberFrog Game2*
143 kB, 14/03/11 18:07, by 5057544 (tKn)
* No longer available


08/03/11 13:38
A struggle against titans!
The opening match vs Moose Gaming will be team Knäckebröd's first step in our struggle against titans. I believe I don't speak out of tongue when I say that we are the underdogs of this first season of A Series.

We're are really excited to battle Moose Gaming to test our skill vs the top tier of Nordic gamers.

We have a couple of players out of the country so we will have a tight roster for the first couple of rounds but that only triggers our remaining players do perform even better!

We wish all the involved gamers the best of luck!

Baozer of Knäckebröd
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