MorroW vs. Thorzain
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Status: closed
MatchID 19235185
Date Sunday 07 November 2010 22:00
Calculated Monday 08 November 2010 01:33
map Metalpolis
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0 : 2
Thorzain wins !
Points 0 : +3
07/11/10 22:49
Round 1
22 kB, 07/11/10 22:49, by Thorzain
07/11/10 22:50
Round 2 - GaB - Thorzain
49 kB, 07/11/10 22:50, by Thorzain
01/11/10 20:04
Playday 12 Vs. MorroW
Tomorrow I'm playing against MorroW, probably the number one favourite of this league. I just came back after almost a week without SC2 but i feel very motivated to get back in the game. Hopefully I will be able to play enough games in order to get back to my good shape.

MorroW is basically already qualified for the finals i think, and I only need a few more points.

I think that I have a chance to beat him, but I'm still going in to this match as the underdog.

I'm curious about his racepick.

HF // Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf
02/11/10 18:24
im sorry im late 3 hours t.t this is so hard to write on time

thorzain seems to be a natural talent but his latest inactivity makes me confident to predict a win
comments (8)
Sure morrow wins :)
MorroW wanted to postpone this until 21:00 the 6th. I agree with this. Please confirm this MorroW!
will you play this game today or not?
No, MorroW wanted to postpone once again.
again post pone? :E
Thorzain FIGHTIN!
GG THOR , damn u morrow
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