Thorzain vs. 2308274
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Status: closed
MatchID 19235153
Date Thursday 07 October 2010 21:00
Calculated Thursday 07 October 2010 21:01
map Blistering Sands
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2 : 0
Thorzain wins !
Points +3 : 0
07/10/10 21:03
Round 1
39 kB, 07/10/10 21:03, by Thorzain
07/10/10 21:03
Round 2
52 kB, 07/10/10 21:03, by Thorzain
07/10/10 08:21
Vs Cast
Cast is a guy that plays a lot and hence improves a lot. I played against him once, in the qualifier ladder for the EPS. I just barely managed to win after an around 50 minutes long game.

However, I've also improved. Therefore I believe that we will be able to have some nice games, with me hopefully coming out on top.

HF // Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf.
07/10/10 03:31
vs Thorzain
Thorzain seems to be a nice guy, so I'm looking forward to a pleasant match. I'm someone whose gaming ability varies a lot. And as he is a skilled opponent, I believe that only if I'm able to bring on my best game to play I will have a good chance of taking this home!

Hopefully we'll have good and fun games! Cu when it's time!
comments (2)
Hi Cast. I would appreciate if we could play this match on friday instead, seeing as I something i have to do tomorrow for school.
Hey! Yes that's no problem. So I guess the best time on Friday would be the usual 21:00 CET? Let me know if you'd rather play at some other hour!
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