831679 vs. Fuzer
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 8.  7.

Status: closed
MatchID 19235141
Date Tuesday 28 September 2010 21:00
Calculated Friday 01 October 2010 13:15
map Metalpolis
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8 Minor Penalty  for  831679
    ( 3.27.1 Using a Wildcard )

Result Media
2 : 1
831679 wins !
Points +3 : 0
01/10/10 13:13
Round 1
67 kB, 01/10/10 13:13, by 831679
01/10/10 13:13
Round 2 - EG - Ciara
79 kB, 01/10/10 13:13, by 831679
01/10/10 13:13
Round 3 - EG - Ciara
80 kB, 01/10/10 13:13, by 831679
27/09/10 11:19
PD something
So apparently il lose this easily, im thinking i might not even show up since i clearly dont stand a chance, whats the point in trying.

would wish him GL and HF, but clearly he dont need either since its going to be easy, and most likely quick. i predict a 2-0 for him in 5mins all together
23/09/10 09:52
vs Ciara
Hey, today I'm going to play against CIARA. I think that this will be easy win for me... The starting map is Metalopolis which favors zerg a little... But, TvZ is my strongest matchup so i cannot except anything else than victory. Good luck to Ciara, I'm sure that he will try hard to win this.
comments (5)
tried contacting admins for some hours now, no luck. but i wanna wildcard this as my internet at home is currently down.
what a cocky statement -.-
So Sad - now TvZ really without balance =/
Seems like my net is working again, lets set a date for when we gonna play this
feel kinda sad that he won, since i like the matches where he whines, on that part he reminds me of iDra mr nerdrage. But i guess i should be happy since hes Danish :D. Dont know why more zerg cant just play like dimaga, with hes positive attitude. But its so easy for them to whine ZERG is to weak, and so many of them do, yet just this weekend one of the biggest SC2 tournaments showed that zerg can go all the way, if they play good. but i guess its easier to blame it on imbalance in the end :)
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