Satiini vs. Skutt
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 2.  11.

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MatchID 19235133
Date Tuesday 21 September 2010 21:00
Calculated Tuesday 21 September 2010 22:15
map Steppes of War
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2 : 0
Satiini wins !
Points +3 : 0
21/09/10 21:34
Round 1
38 kB, 21/09/10 21:34, by Satiini
21/09/10 21:34
Round 1
116 kB, 21/09/10 21:34, by Satiini
20/09/10 09:48
Vs Sats
Tomorrow im facing a famous fin player. Satiini have been a good player ever since the wc3 time, and he is doing good in sc2 aswell. We played some times on the ladder, and i think he has won them all.

However i will do my best to not make this my 4th lose!

GL !

Skutt out
14/09/10 15:17
vs skutt

My fourth match will be against skutt, I dont know the man too well and havent played vs him many times I believe, but I heard his good and I better play carefull. I won my past three games and I will try my best to win the fourth aswell.

gl hf!
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