481657 vs. SjoW
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 2.  7.

Status: closed
MatchID 19235130
Date Tuesday 21 September 2010 21:00
Calculated Thursday 23 September 2010 21:56
map Steppes of War
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0 : 2
SjoW wins !
Points 0 : +3
23/09/10 22:00
Round 1
74 kB, 23/09/10 22:00, by SjoW
23/09/10 22:01
Round 2 - dignitas - SjoW
65 kB, 23/09/10 22:01, by SjoW
18/09/10 23:32

Next match im going to play the one and only madfrog. Hes a legend in wc3 and a top tier player in sc2. My expectation for this match is its going to be very close matches and hopefully go my way.

Alittle edge I got is that we will play before the patch release.

glhf madfrog
19/09/10 15:54

I think this will be my first loss, but i will do my best for that not to happen.

Also i hope we can move the game a bit since i work until 23 00.

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If you wanna stream this match, write an application here: http://www.esl.eu/nordic/support/?s=4571
We gonna play it some other day since I have another match that time. frog contact me when you see this.
looking forward to this!
i bet yesterday here stand 2-1 for frog :E
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