Thorzain vs. Naama
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Status: closed
MatchID 19235125
Date Tuesday 14 September 2010 21:00
Calculated Tuesday 14 September 2010 21:29
map Kulas Ravine
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2 : 0
Thorzain wins !
Points +3 : 0
14/09/10 22:00
Round 1
61 kB, 14/09/10 22:00, by Thorzain
14/09/10 22:00
Round 2
25 kB, 14/09/10 22:00, by Thorzain

14/09/10 08:40
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13/09/10 07:52
Naama vs thorzain
Hello everyone,

my next opponent will be Thorzain who is a really good terran player from Sweden and also from Warcraft3. We have played before and the outcomes have been pretty equal. I wish best of luck to him in this match and may the best player win. Gl hf

naama fighting~
13/09/10 13:39
Vs Naamahauki
Tomorrow i play vs Naama, a player who improved very much lately. We've played some times before as he mentioned, but I think that he has won the majority of those games. However I have won some, so I might do it again!

Let's just hope that I'm not sick anymore tomorrow.

GL HF // Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf
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