2052586 vs. Skutt
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MatchID 19235124
Date Tuesday 14 September 2010 21:00
Calculated Tuesday 14 September 2010 21:57
map Kulas Ravine
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2 : 1
2052586 wins !
Points +3 : 0
14/09/10 21:57
Round 1
103 kB, 14/09/10 21:57, by 2052586
14/09/10 21:57
Round 2 - - Sein
42 kB, 14/09/10 21:57, by 2052586
14/09/10 21:57
Round 3 - - Sein
157 kB, 14/09/10 21:57, by 2052586
13/09/10 02:30
Versus Skutt
This matchday I will play versus Skutt, and I expect it to be close game, neither of us are the favourites of this eps season, so both of us really fighting for the little easier win.

The map will be Kulas Ravine, and I heard it favours protoss over zerg, but I really have no idea. I didnt play the map enough vs Zerg. I will try to prepare for the match today and tomorrow.
14/09/10 06:10
vs Sein
Fear of the 4gate.....fear of the 4gate...
I have constant fear that the rush is coming near...

Joke aside I'm looking forward to this week's match
against Sein. I always enjoy games versus fins.

Kulas Ravine favors him a little but I'm confident in
my abilities and if nothing else I hope to show people a
entertaining series

GG HF Sein!
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sein ezzz!
Very nice mate!
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