Thorzain vs. Skutt
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 4.  9.

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MatchID 19235111
Date Tuesday 31 August 2010 21:00
Calculated Tuesday 31 August 2010 21:43
map Delta Quadrant
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2 : 0
Thorzain wins !
Points +3 : 0
31/08/10 21:42
Round 1
152 kB, 31/08/10 21:42, by Thorzain
31/08/10 21:42
Round 2
37 kB, 31/08/10 21:42, by Thorzain
30/08/10 10:57
Tomorrow I'll be playing against my good friend Skutt. Even though he'll probably flame me in his statement and start the season with some penalty points, I'll keep my statement nice and clean.

Skutt is a very talented zerg player against whom I lost the last time we played (In the EAS to qualify for this EPS). However, I know for a fact that I've been practicing more for this match than he has (thanks, match history!), and I am starting to feel more comfortable for the match the more i practice for it (duh..).

I wish Skutt a lot of fun, and hope that there will be no harsh feelings whoever wins.

Over and out // ThorZaIN.
30/08/10 12:15
Tomorrow i will face Thorzain. We have known each other for about 3 years, and he think i will flame him? Weird...

He is a very skilled player and i fear him, not cuz i know his skills but because he is terran. I did some practice for this match but i guess it wont be enough, so i will pray for a patch that removes terran!

I wish Thorzain good luck, and it wont be any harsh feeling(as long as i wins)

Skutt is off !
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Cast TONIGHT 21:00 CEST - ESL Nordic EPS BO3 - Viking Cup Champion ThorZaiN takes on the talented Swedish Zerg Skutt. Me and Martijn will cast it live right here:

Tune in!
And GL guys!
well done thorzain ;)
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