mTw int. vs. SK Gaming
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 mTw int.
 SK Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 19254781
Date Sunday, 08 August 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 08 August 23:06
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1Major Penalty  for  mTw int.
    ( missing Aequitas file )

Result Media
de_nuke 16 : 7
de_dust2 8 : 16
de_train 16 : 1
mTw int. wins !

SK Gaming

mTw int.

SK Gaming
08/08/10 17:52
Match Statement
Well we made it to the finals this time and are also partially prepared for it aswell. Returning with winning the WCG Nordic qualifier is a confidence boost but mTw has been very strong again in the past weeks. Expect a great match, GL HF

Ave pretty much summed it up already, mtw started out good on nuke but we had our comeback on dust2. Train just didn't go our way at all, anyway good game!
mTw int.
08/08/10 16:54
Tonight we're facing SK in the semifinal of this season. They've shown to be in good shape recently by claiming their WCG-spot a few days ago. Their standin moddii seems to be fitting in well, so we got our work cut out for us. GL SK!

Fun match to play indeed! We started off on nuke by gaining 11 rounds as CT, which was above expectations. As T we managed to close it down early enough. Next map was dust2, a map SK always had been really good on. They had the momentum most of the match and we got owned. Last map we lost the important kniferound, so started as terrorist. We managed to get a lot of rushes to work, and we won the side 14-1 and closed the map at 16-1! GG SK!
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