831679 vs. elfi-
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MatchID 11387118
Date Thursday, 18/12/08 14:00
Calculated 20/12/08 19:05
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tba 0 : 1
tba 1 : 0
1 : 0
831679 wins !
Points +3 : 0
20/12/08 09:26
Round 1*
167 kB, 20/12/08 09:26, by 831679
20/12/08 09:28
Round 1*
137 kB, 20/12/08 09:28, by 831679
20/12/08 09:27
Round 2*
108 kB, 20/12/08 09:27, by 831679
* No longer available
18/12/08 09:40
This week im facing off against elfi!! as far as i recall i havent lost vs him in a BO3 before.. iv always managed to raider lame my way out of them if i recall right.

But things have changed, as things are now i would think elfi is in better shape but im ORC!! so it aint over yet!

Really hungry for points though, dont want thoes sweeeeeeeds to have rank 1-3!! gotta show them what danes are made of!! (seeing as my 2 fellow country mates are failing me!!)

19/12/08 19:25
Yep so great I ve played so bad first matches even if i win last matches i probably wont have chances for finals and now i have to play orc with these retard maps so great its awesome that some cs admin choces maps or somethink yepyep seriously so great.
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YO YO lets settle a date big boy!! im free anytime next week, except wensdag and friday between 17-21 cet and school on all days(of course not weekend) so not before 17 either!!
Come on here... You do know we get penalty points for your inadequacy
wtf the games got alittle mixed up but all 3 are uploade!!
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