Power Gaming vs. devotion
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 Power Gaming
Status: deleted
MatchID 19234658
Date Wednesday, 29 September 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 29 September 20:00
map de_inferno
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1Major Penalty  for  devotion
    ( Did not show up )

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Power Gaming

Power Gaming
29/09/10 04:37

Today we´re facing Devotion, a Danish team we´re not very familiar with. From what I´ve gathered, they have lost 3 games so far this season and we intend on continuing their streak tonight. With the lackluster start that we had to this EAS season, we are looking into bouncing back to make it to EPS next season.
30/09/10 13:34
The organisation behold devotion truly apologizes for not showing up for this match. Admin please remove all players from the lineup, devotion will suspend all players, redraw from ESL and focus on finding a new lineup.
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