sharkgaming vs. munkka
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Status: closed
MatchID 17989647
Date Sunday, 28/03/10 15:00
Calculated 29/03/10 04:05
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Result Media
de_train 8 : 16
de_nuke 16 : 10
de_inferno 16 : 12
sharkgaming wins !


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map choice procedure
1. sharkgaming removes 1 map
2. munkka removes 1 map
3. sharkgaming picks 1st map
4. munkka picks 2nd map
5. remaining map is 3rd and final map


all map vetoing should be done in the comments of the match
Is it possible to play around 21.00 on monday?
Im sorry but we cant play monday because of mAger's personal issues.
If you cannot play neither sunday nor monday, you have to play tonight - 20:00 okay?
We can play at sunday, but we cannot play today because of Arbalet Cup Russia, where mAger & VofkiN is playing.
We guess we can also play on sunday, khrystal and qp are going home to the father tonight but is expected to be online by 20 tonight, or elles i hope u would allow us to move it to 21, if they wheren't rdy at pricise 20. But we are rdy tonight.
20-21 iz fine :D
Let's say 21.00cet, hf gl tonight!
Remove tuscan
munkka removes de_dust2
we pick train
munkka picks nuke
3rd map (if needed): de_inferno
can fonex pls upload his aeq:p
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