Rage vs. TempZone
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Status: closed
MatchID 15253313
Date Thursday, 03 September 18:30
Calculated Thursday, 03 September 20:46
map bo3
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2 : 0
Rage wins !



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This match is going to start today 20.00 Best of 3.

Confirm with a comment here TempZone.
20 is not possible, is 18 okey? our latest 19


This match is going to start 18.30 TODAY!!! Best of 3.

Confirm with a comment here TempZone.

gl&hf begrip
Map choosing rules

BO3 is to be played.

1. The team to the left, Vetoes a map they don't want to be played
2. The team to the right, Vetoes a map they don't want to be played.
3. The team to the right chooses their map.
4. The team to the left chooses their map.

5. The map not vetoed nor chosen, will be the first map. Both teams are supposed to knife for CT/TR.

6. When a map is finished the game continues on the map chosen by the loser team. The maps are chosen before the games begin.
7. The team can decide wether they want to start CT / TR on the map they chose.
8. the match is finished when one team has won two maps.

9. Veto & choosing will happen in Match Comment here on ESL!


bugfixed mappack:
http://www.esl-world.net/masters/download/8431310/" target="_blank">Mappack
remove tuscan!
begrip removes:tuscan
tempzone removes:nuke

tempzone choose:inferno
begrip choose: train

starting map: d2

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spännande match, tror tempzone vinner för begrip inte kör med deras riktiga line!
Good Luck!
GG boys!
Begrip vs TZ

16 - 9
16 - 13
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