Lions eSportKlubb vs. Unique
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 Lions eSportKlubb
Status: closed
MatchID 17986281
Date Wednesday, 24/03/10 16:00
Calculated 24/03/10 17:25
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Result Media
de_train 16 : 5
de_inferno 16 : 7
Lions eSportKlubb wins !
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map choice procedure
1. Lions removes 1 map
2. Unique removes 1 map
3. Lions picks 1st map
4. Unique picks 2nd map
5. remaining map is 3rd and final map


all map vetoing should be done in the comments of the match
Date and time changed to the 24th at 21:00 CET , waiting for confirmation by lions .
The winner of this match will meet in the final 25th at 20:00.
IF we win, we can't play tomorrow the 25th.
Correction: Lions win = final the 25th at 20:00
Unique win = We'll discuss a date later on.
2 edits
Lions removes de_tuscan
unique removes de_nuke
1st map is de_train
2nd map is de_inferno
3rd map: de_dust2
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