Team Soltec vs. teamteam v2
Contestants Parameters
 2.  7.

 Team Soltec
 teamteam v2
Status: closed
MatchID 21903414
Date Wednesday, 08 June 21:00
Calculated Wednesday, 08 June 22:01
map de_dust2
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16 : 14
Team Soltec wins !
Points +3 : 0

Team Soltec

teamteam v2


08/06/11 12:05
teamteam v2
08/06/11 11:49
Tonight we face online kingdom from Finland and I think we go into this match as underdogs. We haven't played at all since our last eps match the 18th of may, but we still expect a tight match. GL HF.
Team Soltec
08/06/11 13:23
one of the few remaining matches in this league and its d2, one of our weaker maps. Its going to be tight but hope to get those 3pts. GL
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