teamteam v2 vs. Alchemists Unleased
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 4.  7.

 teamteam v2
 Alchemists Unleased
Status: closed
MatchID 21903360
Date Wednesday, 11 May 22:00
Calculated Wednesday, 11 May 23:11
map de_nuke
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13 : 16
Alchemists Unleased wins !
Points 0 : +3

Alchemists Unleased

teamteam v2


11/05/11 12:20
contact me for Serverinfos in #esl.nordic.cs

teamteam v2
10/05/11 09:11
Pre: Tomorrow we will play our second match in the A-series. Our opponent is Majestic esports from Norway and they have just won against Online Kingdom so we expect a tough match. GL HF guys.
Pre: This will be the third match in the A-series. Teamteam v2 from Danmark will be a tough opponent aswell. We have to stay focused and play our own game. We dont know much about their playstyle so anything can happen. We have had great progress since donovan joined the team and we are well prepared for this match.

Good Luck & Have Fun
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