teamteam v2 vs. GOAT
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 5.  13.

 teamteam v2
Status: closed
MatchID 21903346
Date Wednesday, 04 May 21:00
Calculated Wednesday, 04 May 22:09
map de_dust2
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16 : 2
teamteam v2 wins !
Points +3 : 0
Thursday, 05 May 15:56
Screen - First Half*
193 kB, Thursday, 05 May 15:56, by 2485669 (teamteam)
Thursday, 05 May 15:57
Screen - Second Half*
178 kB, Thursday, 05 May 15:57, by 2485669 (teamteam)
Wednesday, 04 May 21:39
uploaded with ESL Wire 21903346_-vs- teamteam*
0 kB, Wednesday, 04 May 21:39, by 3683185 (GOAT)
Thursday, 05 May 16:15
uploaded with ESL Wire Demo - teamteam -*
19.4 MB, Thursday, 05 May 16:15, by 2485669 (teamteam)
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teamteam v2

teamteam v2
05/05/11 09:43
Pre: Tonight we face team GOAT from Norway in a match where we must consider ourselves as favorites. We don't know much about these guys so we expect a victory, but we will not underestimate them. GL HF

Post-Match Statement

We started out as CT, after a lost knife round, by winning the important gunround thanks to xone's USP skills. After that we dominated the game and they only managed to take one round in the first half. In the second half they managed to get the gunround but we decided to buy in the second round and with a succesfull push on bombsite A we won the match 16-2. GG guys.
04/05/11 07:29
pre: This is our first match in the A-Series and where we meet one of the best teams in the series and for sure the best danish team. We come into the match as underdogs, but we surely know more about them than they know about us. We will try to play our game and try to play our best.
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