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Alberto 'martinwarren' Squadroni  id: 2406626
Name Alberto Squadroni
Nick martinwarren
Member since 06/04/07
Age / Gender 36 Years / male
Nationality  Spain
Territory Italy
Occupation Animatore / Studente
Employer / University / School Università di Macerata - Lingue
Main team Arcatores Castrum Castri
Homepage --
per qualsiasi sfida contattatemi su xfire o skype!

Contact me in xfire or skype! Fell free to do it .
Level & Awards
  2 Awards  
CoD4 MW (PC)
Quake Live
League of Legends
FIFA Online
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Clubs  public
Recent matches
  LoL Open Ladder 1on1 EU West
loss 9979577  -26 Tuesday, 01/11/16 19:30
  HaxBall 1on1 Ladder Old
loss Fanatix  -25 Sunday, 06/02/11 18:32 3
  FIFA Online 1on1 Ladder
loss S_cunki  -23 Sunday, 05/12/10 13:45 3
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