TONS OF CSOKAR vs. Evilmonkey The Slayers
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 Evilmonkey The Slayers
Status: closed
MatchID 26113564
Date Tuesday, 12 June 18:00
Calculated Tuesday, 12 June 18:24
Round Round of 32
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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0 : 1
Evilmonkey The Slayers wins ! (Default Win)
Tuesday, 12 June 18:11
478 kB, Tuesday, 12 June 18:11, by owN (tehenek)
* No longer available
12/06/12 12:42
The enemy team - say we did not show whe nwe did.
They added default win - even tho we were there
They did not accept our friend request nor our invites
also they add default win 10 mins before its even allowed - what is going on with this cheat???
A leadott eastes accountokat beinveltünk, nem fogadták el, 10 percet vártunk rájuk, screenshot mellékelve
comments (6)
This is not true
we did not recieve any invites u invited members who are not eve nsigned for this tournament?
yup...we'r here and ready..u invited people that r not even playing for the team anymore
where is invite?
ne az euwesteseket inveljétek thx
ez mi? .. ellenfél ki sem volt írva, 0 invite, aztán noshow instant. ftw?
default win was made 10mins be4 the actualy default win time...they refused any friend requests and refused to invite the actual lineup
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