Kevin 'ank1' Schweighoffer  id: 3529265
CPU Intel i3
RAM 2 * 6Go DDR3
Videocard Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
Soundcard //
Storage 1t
Display Samsung 22"
OS //
Antivirus Norton
Mouse roccat kone
Mouse Skatez roccat kone
Mousepad Roccat
Keyboard Roccat iksu
Headphones Roccat Kulo
Connection 18mega max
Wheel/Pedals //
Joypad //
TV 140 LED 3D Phillips
Console(s) Ps3
Drink Vodka
Food Quick
Movie Sexe
Music electro
Song Change
Actor / Actress Lela Star
Car Scirocco 200ch 2l TSI
Sport Tennis
Athlete Roger Federrer
Map De_inferno
Player emo6on
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Rital
Genre ...
Console Ps3
Angélo "ank1" Virgone

Playing with Nightmare

Angélo "emo6on" Virgone

Playing with strong9r

Previously Teams:

- Angel Wings (emo6on,void , hxc, GROSEX , thorN)
- 7w (Rexare, emo6on , warox ,mrZ ,eRg)
- iGAMERZ` (emo6on ,Mx0- , naikon ,)
- oneway.css (emo6on , Mx0- ,naikon , drZ)
- AMAZING (emo6on , Mx0- , AMG ,AntoinRd , DEMO)

Steam : quentinprieuret
Msn :