El_Gitan75  id: 4094937
CD/DVD Blue Ray
Mouse Skatez Mickey on Ice
Mousepad Office board
Connection Lunar Optical Fiber
Wheel/Pedals Pédalot, Kart ?
Joypad Saitek Cyborg Cmd Unit is Suck
TV Tracks (Arté)
Sound system Yaghh Mannnnnn !
Console(s) Nintendo King Kong
Drink Burn Energy Drinks
Food Domino's Pizza
Movie The Warrios (1978)
Music Pac!
Song Fuck The World / Me against the World
Book L’Effroyable Imposture - Pentagate
Book author Thierry MEYSSAN
Person Nostradamus
Actor / Actress SarKo/Bruni
Car 2cv Citroën cl_forwardspeed 200
Sport Sport en Chambre(Sport Bed)
Athlete Julia Channel/Rocco Siffredi
Map GPS Dude ...Gps
Clan Paoli
Player Mamoud
Game Hero Jean Mouloud Benayoun
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Budist
Genre War...and peace some time
Console ²
Favourite Websites
Website 3 http://reopen911.info