ESL Wire Anti-Cheat for World of Tanks
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat will soon be the mandatory Anti-Cheat solution for all World of Tanks matches. It is now being tested in different competitions to see if it works as intended.
Step 1: Adding World of Tanks to ESL Wire
  1. Install the latest version of Wire. You can get it from this link.
  2. Run Wire as system administrator (Win 7/8)
  3. Click on the "Play" tab in ESL Wire and press on "Add game"
  4. Select World of Tanks from the list
  5. Choose "WorldOfTanks.exe" from the game directory
  6. Please wait until the progress bar will reach 100% in the next window. Wire should detect the registry keys connected to "WorldOfTanks.exe". Choose any of them. If no keys will be detected, press "Add without keys".
  7. Perform the test run of the game. Don't click the "Game is closed" button yet! You have to get to the login screen (you have to login and possibly stay in the game for approximately 5 minutes). Close the game, wait a few seconds and close the Ending Banner.
  8. In that step Wire should detect few executables connected to the game. Choose "WoT.exe" from that list.
Step 2: Testing ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  1. Join the ESL Wire testing team - Password is "wireactest".
  2. Run Wire. Find World of Tanks on your gamelist ("Play" tab)
  3. First option: Select the "vs. Wire Anti-Cheat team" match from the list. Anti-Cheat option should be checked with gray color
  4. Second option: Right click on "World of Tanks". Select "Launch Game". Check the box "Match/Gather/PCW" and select the match you want to play. After that, just press Start! Anti-Cheat option should be checked with gray color
  5. Run the game. Make sure, that the "Matchmedia upload" window didn't appear
  6. Play a few games to determine how Anti-Cheat works on your PC. If it lowers your FPS, report that to us!
  7. Quit the game. Now the "Matchmedia upload" window should appear - this is the signal, that Anti-Cheat has stopped
  8. Go to the match page. There is the list of Wire Anti-Cheat logfiles ran by all players - find your nick there. Check the login and logout dates. If they are correct, that means your ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is working perfectly!
  9. Test your ESL Wire now!
Frequently Asked Questions
If you got any problems with Wire or Wire Anti-Cheat, please check out our FAQ page or contact our Wire Support in the forum.

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  • Fair environment for competitions
  • Detects ring0 & ring3 cheats
  • Detects yet unknown cheats
  • Prevents Fakers and Ringers
  • Multi-Game Support
Step 3: Starting a Match using ESL Wire
  1. Start ESL Wire (If you are not logged in to Windows as Administrator, please start ESL Wire as System Administrator - the information that you can't use Wire as System Administrator was not correct). Find World of Tanks on your gamelist. Right-click on it and select "Launch game". Select the match you are going to play (remember - match has to be open).
  2. Start the game. When you logged into World of Tanks, check the page of the match. Look at the ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Logfiles - find your nickname in the list.
  3. While playing, you MUST NOT close ESL Wire Anti-Cheat!
  4. If you have only a login date (no logout), that means Wire Anti-Cheat is working fine - you can play the match.
  5. If you have an "early logout" (the same date of login and logout), you have to run Wire again. Remember to check it as well!
  6. After each match, you need to quit the game and launch the game again through the new match! In this process, you must not close ESL Wire! You don't need to close the game after each round played from the same match. You close the game only after the match ended!