7147979 vs. Karun
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Status: closed
MatchID 27595687
Date Wednesday 23 January 2013 19:40
Calculated Wednesday 23 January 2013 20:28
map Ruinberg
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1 : 0
7147979 wins !
23/01/13 19:44
Round 1*
497 kB, 23/01/13 19:44, by 7147979
* No longer available
23/01/13 13:50
No invitation
Enemy refuses to invite me and insists on defwin because of me beeing late . I was ready to play, but he didn't invite me before and isn't doing it now.
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Not to mention that there is 10 or even 20 minutes time to be late.

GG, read the rules
Omg i don't invite you because i don't now who win..and time is ower if time is ower i win simple
I had to wait for over 20mins for my 3rd game. match counters starts to count after the opponent has been selected
i look all time in Brackets i not see you
I have no words how pathetic and scared you must be.
There is 20 minutes after my last match was closed. I have no invite, as the screens shows. Enemy has no intention to play, I'm asking for a decision either we get to play immediately or I get win becouse of opponent noshow.

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u screanshot nothink means lol i not see you in Brackets
But I'm in matchsheet, so what's the problem?
Except you're scared to play with me and want defwin.
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