NewMultiShow vs. 5415431
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Status: closed
MatchID 29013815
Date Wednesday, 02/10/13 14:00
Calculated 02/10/13 14:39
firstmap Ensk
secondmap Himmelsdorf
thirdmap Ruinberg
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Ensk 0 : 1
Himmelsdorf 0 : 1
Ruinberg 0 : 1
5415431 wins !
02/10/13 14:00
I have problem, at the moment i have polish WCG, which date i can't change. Can we play on 20:30. Next map 21:00.
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We play at 20:45, we need 10 minutes for matches, so everything clear. Thank you plopper :)
We will play at 20:45h, since the scheduled time did not fit for NewMultiShow.
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Gl boths
Sry Polish WCG. I can't play. Our opponent make problems.
Was some problems in the polish WCG for NewMultiShow.. So 'default' for me :/
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