WGL EU: Silver and Bronze Series *Update*
With the start of season 4 of the Wargaming.net League Europe we are happy to announce that the Silver and Bronze series are about to begin. Find out more below.

The top 30 teams from season VI of A-Series will automatically qualify for the Silver Series. Click the images to be directed to the relevant series or league.

The most famous and influential tournament in World of Tanks history of course has its place in this system. The top team every week will take the last slot in Silver. Teams participating in Silver and Gold series will not be allowed to play in Go4WoT (now called Go4WoT Bronze), that goes for all regions of the Wargaming.net League.

Open to all; the perfect place to test your metal, improve and work your way through the ranks. Every week the top 5 teams from Bronze get promoted to Silver, these 5 teams start with the same amount of points as the lowest ranked Silver team.

Click here to sign-up

After battling your way through Bronze you and your team will fight for a place in the Gold Series with the best-of-the-best. Every week the bottom 6 teams will be relegated to Bronze and receive the same amount of points as the highest ranked team in Bronze.

The top 2 teams at the end of the season will directly qualify for the Gold Series whilst 3rd-6th will fight it off against 7-10th of the Gold Series in a relegation tournament.


The prize money per week, per team will be distributed as follows:

1st 300€
2nd 280€
3rd 275€
4th 275€
5th 250€
6th 240€
7th 230€
8th 220€
9th 210€
10th 200€
11th 190€
12th 180€
13th 170€
14th 160€
15th 150€
16th 140€
17th 130€
18th 120€
19th 110€
20th 100€
21st-30th 90€

Claim your prize winnings via a ticket. If you have been playing in Silver Series for the past few weeks simply create a support ticket with your position (for each separate week) and payment information.

Please provide us feedback in regards to the prize money and we will consider adjusting it.

There will also be satellite tournaments featuring the same format as Go4WoT, this could include things like regional qualifiers. One Bronze Series slot will be redistributed to these satellite tournaments.

We're always looking to improve what we can offer you guys so we decided to add some spice to the new series by offering money. At the end of every season prize money will be distributed to the teams, more news about this at a later date.

The rules for silver and for bronze, please read them carefully before signing up.

That only leaves the schedule, which is as follows:

Monday 20:00 CEST
Tuesday 20:00 CEST
Wednesday 20:00 CEST
Thursday 20:00 CEST
Friday 20:00 CEST

We aim to have the first match day on Tuesday the 17th of June (17.06.2014) so get signing up!

You can find more information about the Wargaming.net League Europe Season 4 on our dedicated portal also follow us on our facebook and twitter pages to keep up-to-date with all the goings-on.

Follow us & spread the word

We wish you good luck and have fun playing in the ESL.

Your Admin Team

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Oh, very nice prizes afterall.
As the league is going on for three weeks, and we are currently on the 8th position, does that mean we can claim 660euro for the last three weeks?
payment of prizes will be on this week or the beginning of the season?
Where can i find where we was in next week?
My team got kicked from Silver but didn't get signed up to Bronze and with no default points after manually joining Bronze.
Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? :D Good job …. :D Could you „please“ return our team back into silver league? We left yesterday cause no update was given…
And today… surprise!

Thanks Waaza_ENVi
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lol, i think this are same prizes as you said 3 weeks ago...
In last update was 400E for 1. place
RavenHR wrote:
Oh, very nice prizes afterall.
As the league is going on for three weeks, and we are currently on the 8th position, does that mean we can claim 660euro for the last three weeks?

Claim it depending upon your position in each separate week.
Please put ENVi back to silver series
Do you think, that we made screenshots of our positions?

We have truly no Idea on which place we have been in the first week.. or the second..

Next thing is, does the monday starting position or the sunday end position count?
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LOL envi stronk
I was doing screen shots of our position throughout weeks so we have no problem but some teams may have forgoten which exact place did they occupied. Are there some weekly summaries?

After 1st week there were 3 teams (VAV, RAZGRIZ, Vae Victis) with the same number of
- points = 30
- streak = 1
- win/lose ratio = 2:1
- played games = 3
- no game played between them.
Are they all ex aequo on 5th place?

Shall we type the place/prize by ourselves or you will resolve it by yourselves?
For those asking if they need screenshots, its not 100% necessary as we do have logs each week but it just speeds up the process so its a nice addition.
From which week do we start playing for those prices?
from the beggining endriu :)
grzech_p, do you may want to post those screenshots anywhere? :)
Forum or somewhere?
That would make the hole thing a bit easier for a lot of us, I think.

Thaaank you :)
Waaza_ENVi wrote:
Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? :D Good job …. :D Could you „please“ return our team back into silver league? We left yesterday cause no update was given…
And today… surprise!

Thanks Waaza_ENVi

lol nice try ;)
Only for week2 i have almost full screen. http://www.infloral.pl/week2.JPG
For 1st and 3rd only with our team position.
Thats week 3 grzech_p :)
Series started on 17th June.
Soo. The second should be from 23rd.
Your screen is from the 30th.

But thanks, anyway :)
A matter of naming convention :)
For me week2 file is a summary of second week of ligue. So screen is done after division update. With all the penalties for inactivity and bottom 6 degraded.

But you are right that there are no more visible bottom 6 teams from week2. I should have done it before division update but using the preview button.

Maybe admins should post after every week a summary showing final standing with all the penalties included. Just before teams promotions.
+ info about teams degraded to bronze
+ info about teams promoted from bronze
+ info about team promoted from go4wot

That kind of summary would be nice to read.

As you already have replay upload system working well maybe some weekly statistics from players?
- most damage dealing player per game
- most damage dealing t1 :)
- biggest K/D ratio player
I dont know, where we was in week3 and dont have any screen.
Looks like we have some not clear rules about final standings.

Does final weekly standing include penalty points or not?
If not it is quite unfair and fraud generating.
Admins, can you post news with rankings for the past few weeks for Silver and Bronze leagues?
Admins please respond to following question as week 4 is passed.

Which standing is taken into account in prize sharing.
One with inactivity penalties included.
One without penalties.
When will you tell us what these Satelite Tournaments are,when they will be,the exact Prizes etc. i would be really interested in that:)
Are there any rules about the ping difference between the teams?
When starts season V ????
waitnig for season 5
any info about new season (strarting tomorrow i think) ?
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