3on3 ESL Series - Season I
today, we want to announce the brand new World of Tanks 3on3 ESL Series! We were overridden with requests for a 3on3 series. Many teams play every week in the 3on3 Funcup and everyone loved it! Now, it´s time for it to get its own league to train your 3on3 teamplay for tournaments. We wish you good luck!

Roll out!

The Season starts

Start: 06.10.2013
End: 31.01.2014

Weekly Matchdays
Sunday: 19:30 CET
Monday: 20:30 CET
Tuesday: 20:30 CET
Wednesday: 20:30 CET
Thursday: 20:30 CET

The Prizes

1st 1. Place EU WoT 3on3 ESL Series

The Gold Cups

  • Date: 28.11.2013 at 20:00 CET (Cup 1 - Min. 15 Matches)
  • Date: 06.02.2014 at 20:00 CET (Cup 2 - Min. 30 Matches)
  • 1. Division
  • Best of 3
  • 16 Places
  • Single Elimination
  • Tier VIII - Light - Middle - and Heavy Tanks
  • Encounter

  • The Prizes:
    • 1st
    • 22.500
    • 2nd
    • 16.500
    • 3rd
    • 12.000
    • 4th
    • 7.500
    • 5-8th
    • 3.000

      Brackets - Gold Cup 1

      Brackets - Gold Cup 2

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      We wish you good luck and have fun playing in the ESL.

      Your Admin Team

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      Venom, Wednesday, 02/10/13 08:45
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      Why between 7vs7 and 3vs3 is only 30 minutes difference?
      Rudy303 wrote:
      Why between 7vs7 and 3vs3 is only 30 minutes difference?

      because it's enough ?
      kouucz wrote:
      Rudy303 wrote:
      Why between 7vs7 and 3vs3 is only 30 minutes difference?

      because it's enough ?

      +1 Like

      You have 30 (Max. 45 min time to play our 3on3 match before you have to start with 7on7)
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      Hello, I ask you clear and precise explanation of why?

      Explanation: three Foix we were disqualified for non-compliance Temp limit for scrinchot and returned the confirmation of the winning game?

      Example: sgrinchot confirmation returned and 9:25 p.m. ET impossible to back, because of disqualification made ​​a 9:35 p.m.? A big problem of time synchronization between admin of paris? , Or malice on your part, we were 12 attempted the problem and we were to have the same 12 hours.

      And again the same problem Temp limit for this Sunday in lunarcicle 1against one disqualified before the time?
      many clan W.O.T on the same problem.

      This is why we still make a series of one against one and if the problem persists we will take the decision to no longer participate in any ESL series and prevent the European clans no longer participated in any ESL

      well you have bab9.
      bab9 wrote:
      Hello, ...

      well you have bab9.

      Sorry but was that google who translated?? I try to get it in better english (where i understand it)

      Hello, i ask your clear and precise reasons why things happened this way?

      Explanation: Three Times we were disqualified for not submittin screenshots, and confirming the game we won, in the Time limit.

      Example: screenshot confirmation returned at 9:25 p.m. ET (whatever is meant by that) impossible to reply, because disqualification made at 9:35 p.m.. A big problem of time synchronization between admins of Paris? Or malice(maybe??) on your part. (Not sure about the following but i guess he wants to say something like that:) It´s written we have 12 hours for uploading screenshots and we want to have these 12 hours too.

      And again the same Time limit problem for this Sunday in lunarcircle1. One got disqualified before the time?
      Many other Clans in W.O.T. have the same problem.

      Last sentences should be clear ;-)
      why only one match time on day?it culd be great if you put 22:30 too..
      " (Cup 1 - Min. 20 Matches)" does this mean a team has to play minimum 20 matches in season in order to join the gold cup (even if that team has a proper place in 1st division)?
      For real this is bullshit we didn't signed up cuz there wasn't write about that anywhere on 1n1 gold cup u shouldn't do that and we just cannot play now because we didn't signed up.... this is BULLSHIT
      Btw as a piece of information... As far as i know the Gold Cup is delayed for a week. So if it wont happen tomorrow it will take place today in a week.

      Still i heard this over some persons so i might be wrong but the german gold cup got delayed for a week too :)
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