World of Tanks is big!!!
Since welcoming World of Tanks in the ESL we have experienced a great development of the community which makes us really proud. Many cups were played. Thousands of players enjoyed great exciting battles. But still we seem to be an isolated community. The rest of ESL hasn't realized our size and the fun we have playing in the ESL and winning great prizes.
We now think it is time to change this. Let us show them the strength of real steel and firepower.
A few days ago, the prize money for the upcoming EMS was announced.

!!! EMS announcement !!!

If you click on the link you can see how big the prize money for World of Tanks is. Since the news was published 350 people wrote a comment to the news, mostly the Modern Warfare 3 community.
We think it would be a great idea if you could write a positive comment under the news. Let us show the rest of the ESL that World of Tanks has arrived and is a big eSports title. Commenting how great it is having such a big prize purse we can also show Wargaming how much we appreciate their effort in supporting eSports.

!!! Comment here !!!

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So guys, let us help World of Tanks become one of the greatest eSports titles.

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sne, Wednesday, 01/02/12 06:53
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8 comments only. Come on guys, we can do better!
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comment? where? :D
so 15000 euros for 23 players? sound awesome to me:)) sign me up
Ît is time for a 2x2 Ladder.
hello to all
One spam message from me :)!
wow! Great news! :)
Nice news for WoT! Thanks!
WoT rules!
Ya, great game that is overpriced for paying customers.
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