IEM Katowice - World of Tanks in Poland
Over half a year has passed since the last offline World of Tanks event held by the ESL. Now it is time to get ready for the next great event. Together with, 8 teams from around Europe will meet in Katowice, Poland, to play in a 7on7 tournament for a total prize purse of €15,000.
Through 6 qualification cups, 4 around Europe and 2 in Poland, the 8 finalists for the Grand Finals in Katowice will be determined. Each cup will be played in single elimination and 'best of 3'. For each region only players from this region may play, plus one foreigner. Check out the following news for more information and how you can participate.


The rules used for this event will be same as in Go4WoT and the EMS. Click here for the complete rule book.

Polish Qualifier

The Polish teams will have the chance to qualify through two polish qualifiers. Each qualifier offers 2 slots for the Grand Finals in Katowice, to be given to the two teams that reach the finals of each qualifier. A Polish team must have at least 6 Polish players, leaving one slot for a possible foreign player.

15.12.2012 - Polish Qualifier #1
22.12.2012 - Polish Qualifier #2

WoT Tournament page - WoT PL

European Qualifier

Non-Polish teams have the chance to qualify through one of four European qualifiers. Each qualifier is attached to a region. In addition to East and West, there will also be a Nordic qualifier and a Baltic qualifier. Same as the Polish qualifiers, each team must have at least 6 players from the region, allowing one foreigner to join the team.

20.12.2012 - East Qualifier
20.12.2012 - West Qualifier
20.12.2012 - Nordic Qualifier
20.12.2012 - Balkan Qualifier

WoT Tournament page - WoT EU

The Grand Finals

The Grand Finals will be held during the Intel Extreme Masters Event in the south Polish city Katowice near the Czech-Polish border. The event will take place from the 18th to the 19th of January in the Spodek Arena. Europe's top 8 teams will be invited (all expenses covered) to play for a total prize money of €15,000. The matches will be streamed by ESL TV in Polish and English. Also all visitors have the chance to grab some free goodies provided to you by

IEM Katowice - World of Tanks

   1st €7,000
   2nd €3,500
   3rd €2,000
   4th-8th €500

If there are still some open questions, feel free to ask us in the news comments or contact us via support.
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time to get ready
Wow! Nice Cup!
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are there any prizes in qualifiers?
where i can find countries in each region?
also i dont see the time games will be playd
games will be played tomorrow, 20.12.12 at 18:00 CET. Just sign up in the region you think is correct. If it is wrong we will add your team to the correct region.
In your case paliubomu it would be the east qualifier
Not even sure how its posible thys days to diced by regions. Pls in team are from all over the world, for me it makes no sence... Propably half ppl dont live in there native countrys, other half is moving all the time, so this system for me lucks realy strange and ones more makes no sence... peace out
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