Go4WoT Cup #82 - €1400 every week
Go4WoT Cup #82 is going to be played on Sunday, the 25th of November. You have the chance of winning €400 and a lot of gold in the ESL's most amazing cup series. You don't have to qualify to participate for the weekly cups! Simply find 6 friends or teammates, create an ESL team and you have the chance of winning from €100 to €400 and a lot of gold! Next to the weekly €1,400 and 406.000 gold prize purse you can also collect points to qualify for the monthly finals where you can win €1,750! So sign up now and don't miss it!

How Go4WoT works

  • Weekly cup every Sunday
  • Top 8 teams earn points for the monthly ranking
  • Weekly prize purse: €1,400 + 406.000
  • Top 8 teams of each month qualify for the monthly final
  • Monthly finals prize purse: €1,750

Cup Overview

Date: 25.11.2012
  • Start: 15:10 CET
  • 7on7
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 1
  • Semifinals + Finals: best of 3
  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
Place Sunday
1st €400 + 100 Points
2nd €250 + 75 Points
3rd €200 + 60 Points
4th €150 + 40 Points
5-8th €100 + 25 Points
9-16th 12.500 + 10 Points (7x 1.750 )
17-32nd 8.750 + 5 Points   (7x 1.250 )
33-64nd 5.250 + 3 Points   (7x 750    )

  • Entered World of Tanks Gameaccount(in-game nick)
Sign Up: NOW

Claim your Gold - Deadline

After the Cup, you have to write your Support Ticket to claim your Gold until Wednesday 20:00 CET of the next week. If you don´t do that in this time, it is to late to request you gold for this Cup.

Last weeks winners - Go4WoT Cup 81

HUNS - Underdogs
Epic Fail Team

4th Iron Chickens Elite
5-8th Alpha.LV
Kazna Kru
OM Trolling Team
Polish Ghost Division

Congratulation, HUNS - Underdogs!

Check-In System

In this Cup we’ll use the ESL „Check-In System”. If you don’t know how it works, here’s a short explication.

Step 1 - Reservation (green)
Here you can reserve you place in this cup, but you have to affirm your participation later.

Step 2 - Affirmation (yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to affirm your participation, if you have done that, you’re in the Cup.

Step 3 - Entry (red)
You didn’t get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still enter the cup 20 minutes before it starts!

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If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask!

Your Admin Team
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