RIP: AT Gaming SC II 2on2 #1   id:  6623114

Name RIP: AT Gaming SC II 2on2 #1
Shorthandle AT
Registered since 14/02/12
Headquarters  Netherlands
AT Gaming was founded in 2009 as an official eSports-organization located in the Netherlands and is registered by the Chamber of Commerce. We have grown from a simple association into a respected and stable eSports partner and we work together with different organizations like CM Storm, Spam Energydrink and Gamersuniform.
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Latest matches
  StarCraft II 2on2 Tuesdays #69
loss   ScII 2on2 Team JF Gaming  0 Tuesday, 14/02/12 14:00 2
wins   BlackBull  + 2 Tuesday, 14/02/12 13:30 0
wins   Shevu.SC2_2v2  + 2 Tuesday, 14/02/12 13:00 3