Equity feat Noro   id:  3210054

Name Equity feat Noro
Registered since 29/04/08
Homepage http://www.equity-esports.de
IRC #eqes  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of Team Noro
Headquarters  Germany
  2  Awards  
jaschi  and  PSYCHOxnc
IRC #eqes  (QuakeNet)
Gameserver World in Conflict:
п Team Noro Pubserver
п Team Noro Clanserver
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Latest matches
  World in Conflict World Championship 5on5 Fun Tournament
loss   The Sufferer and the Witness  0 Sunday, 22/03/09 16:00 4
wins   PEACEMAKERS  + 3 Sunday, 15/03/09 14:00 4
wins   Extreme-Warriors  + 3 Saturday, 07/03/09 14:30 4
● Team-Captain
Alexander 'z0rN' Lorenz

● Orga
Alexander 'Ankkah' Lautenbach
Jonathan 'Imperium' Fleckner

● Spieler
Peter 'NEXUSBLUE' Paswerg
Sebastian 'PSYCHOxnc' Krüger
Jascha 'qlx' Schröder
Axel 'Uglycoyote' Dreher