World of Tanks Go4WoT Cup 90

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Battle Settings
  • Teamsize: 7 players
  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
  • Maps: As announced in the Matchsheet

Tank regulations
  • Teams may contain tanks of different nations
  • Premium vehicles are allowed
  • Every kind of skins and mods are allowed, if not forbidden in other parts of the rules
  • Vehicle tier limit for all tanks is 8
  • Total amount of vehicle tiers in one team must not exceed 42 points (7 players). If a player is missing in a battle, the maximum tier points are reduced by 6 per missing player.

  • Every player must have an entered gameaccount. This gameaccount is your World of Tanks ingame nick. It must be done, before the match starts.
  • If one or more player are playing without a registered gameaccount, your Team get 3 Penalty points for every missing Gameaccount. In addition, your team can be disqualified because we can´t be sure, that those player is the same player like your team member.

Maps and starting position
Battles are created by one of the team captains. The team with the better (1 is the best) seeding picks the starting position and also picks their first 2 tanks.

In the semifinals and Finals the positions will be picked the same as in the monthly finals:

  1. Map: Team with the better seeding picks starting position and their first 2 tanks
  2. Map: Team with the lower seeding picks starting position and their first 2 tanks
  3. Map: Team with the better seeding picks starting position and their first 2 tanks

Between two maps both teams have 5 minutes time to pepare. If one team isn't ready after 5 minutes the battle starts without the missing players and the team will be punished with 1 penaltypoint for each missing player. Please take screenshots to prove when the last map was finished and the when 5 minutes passed.

A battle is won if:
  • All enemy vehicles are destroyed within the timelimit
  • The enemy base is captured within the timelimit
  • If you play a draw and have 8 or more tier points than the other team

If no team has 8 tierpoints more, the match is rated as draw and must be replayed once again. Both teams must use the same lineup of player, but may change their tanksetup in the rematch. If their is still no winner after the rematch both teams will be disqualified.

What to do in case of a draw:
  • Match will be replayed
  • Same Players must play
  • Tanks may be changed

Win 1.400 € and 196.000 every Sunday

Place Sunday
1st 100 Points + €400
2nd 75 Points + €250
3rd 60 Points+ €200
4th 40 Points + €150
5-8th 25 Points + €100
9-16th 12.250   (7x 1.750 )
17-32th 8.750     (7x 1.250 )
33-64th 5.250     (7x 750 )

Total prizes: 1.400 € and 406.000

How should your support ticket look like? Here's an example!

  • It's important that you don´t change the Section. If you change this, there's a small chance that we won't get your Support Ticket.
  • Subject will be the tournament.
  • If you play a Team tournament, you have to select your Team.

  • Here the example Support Ticket

    Example Support Ticket:

    Section: Europe World of Tanks Gold Request
    Subject: Gold for Go4WoT #129
    Team (optional): Select your Cup Team

    Hi Admin Team,

    Here is the list of the players who receive gold.

    Here are the 7 Gameaccounts (WoT EU Nickname):


    Team Leader

    Claim your Gold - Deadline

    After the Cup, you have to write your Support Ticket to claim your Gold until Wednesday 20:00 CET of the next week. If you don´t do that in this time, it is to late to request you gold for this Cup.

    Claim your gold here!



    • Mines
    • Abbey
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Prokhorovka
    • Airfield
    • Live Oaks
    • Widepark *
    • Ensk

    * = Default


    Category: Cup
    Rankingsystem: cup
    Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
    Min. members: 7
    Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
    Match abort: inactive
    Autoconfirm: 60 min.
    Protest period: 3 days