PropagandaMasters vs. BigRedOne
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Status: closed
MatchID 27170770
Date Sunday, 16/12/12 10:30
Calculated 16/12/12 11:22
map Live Oaks
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0 : 1
BigRedOne wins !
16/12/12 11:10
Round 1
568 kB, 16/12/12 11:10, by MrVario (BR1)
16/12/12 11:11
Round 1
509 kB, 16/12/12 11:11, by MrVario (BR1)



16/12/12 11:09
team left the game
comments (4)
the other team left the game befor we could start the match.
I had computer crash on the moment of choosing squad, that's why the room was closed. srry for that. GL if the game is closed
we waited 40min that you show up and after again 20 min "your camputer crashes"
We have been online all the time and since the match table is not refreshed yet its not the thing u waited for me but for the admins decision about the earlier match.
16:25 score accepter on 2nd match 17:08 my team added to the match.

How did u waited for me then?
Ive just wished to play the match after 5 mins of waiting for me, we would own ya as hell with these squads.

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