FEAR Baton Squad vs. Zenit Szentpetervasara
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 FEAR Baton Squad
 Zenit Szentpetervasara
Status: closed
MatchID 27170587
Date Sunday, 16/12/12 09:10
Calculated 16/12/12 09:37
map Prokhorovka
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0 : 1
Zenit Szentpetervasara wins !
16/12/12 10:11
Causing Problems
628 kB, 16/12/12 10:11, by 6466295 (FEAR_BS)
16/12/12 09:36
Round 1
313 kB, 16/12/12 09:36, by 6289939 (Oulu)

FEAR Baton Squad

Zenit Szentpetervasara

FEAR Baton Squad
16/12/12 10:11
Offence and delaying
The opposing Team, Piton Squad before this match http://www.esl.eu/eu/wot/go4wot/cup_86/match/27170587/ was behaving wrong in our opinion. They were late on confirming their squad on ESL match page, they caused problems before the match, they were very late on confirming ready status before the match and they were very offencing after the match. I've posted screen from trening room chat.
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We have some problems in dialog with enemy crew. They are in room but they don't wanna confirmation trim. We have ss with chat in game. My team is ready and weight on them...
we were better seed.
we cant choose side
we cant picking
they modificated the lineup after ready
they dont know the rules.
and delaying
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