eibes team vs. 3ODA
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 eibes team
Status: closed
MatchID 30310221
Date Sunday, 27 July 14:50
Calculated Sunday, 27 July 15:17
IRC: #esl.wot.cup
best_of 1
map Ensk
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1 : 0
eibes team wins !

eibes team

eibes team
27/07/14 09:14
Cant upload replay
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We cant upload replay because of one guy from 3ODA team has no GAME ACCOUNT !!!
Gunrunners won
screen here: http://www.upnito.sk/0/6r6jmunswhxxwpxbhtffry9v2hzc8p8p.jpg
Who? what was the result?
Their player gladky83 doesn't have gameaccount.
WIN to Gunrunners.WoT
Gunrunners.WoT WON 1:0
I do not know why but he has an account assigned to the game
BillyBadBoyJones wrote:
Who? what was the result?

Gunrunners team won 1:0
Gunrunners team won 1:0
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