Evil Panda Squad vs. Deep Tranquility 7on7
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 Evil Panda Squad
 Deep Tranquility 7on7
Status: closed
MatchID 29989744
Date Sunday 27 April 2014 16:50
Calculated Sunday 27 April 2014 17:25
best_of 1
map Cliff
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1 : 0
Evil Panda Squad wins !
27/04/14 17:27
Round 1
653 kB, 27/04/14 17:27, by NewMultiShow (EPS)
27/04/14 17:30
Round 1
711 kB, 27/04/14 17:30, by NewMultiShow (EPS)
27/04/14 17:34
688 kB, 27/04/14 17:34, by zajcev (DTQ)
Opponent mistake
As you see at the screnshot, battle end at 17:07. We start at 17:17? Rule in comment.
We didn't say ready..
I got PC crash after the 1st game. After I came back they started the battle immeditly and we didn't say "we are ready".
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3.6.5. Map Change
Between two maps both teams have 5 minutes time to prepare. The tank picking does not count as preparation time. After the 5 minutes, you then start picking your tanks. If one team isn't ready for the after 5 minutes the tankpicking starts without the missing player. The player is not allowed to join the fight anymore and the team will be punished with 1 penaltypoint for each missing player. Please take screenshots to prove when the last map was finished and when the 5 minutes passed.
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