Schoolbus vs. The Rush
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 The Rush
Status: closed
MatchID 28304298
Date Tuesday, 04 June 18:00
Calculated Tuesday, 04 June 20:07
firstmap Live Oaks
secondmap Mines
thirdmap Airfield
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Result Media
Live Oaks 1 : 0
Mines 1 : 0
Schoolbus wins ! (Default Win)


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To ESL admins overseeing this match:

The players in team "The Rush" can not play this match. All players left team and joined another, but can not leave old team roster due to ESL regulations.

Because players joined another team readied for future ESL go4WoT tournaments, playing for both teams in the same league would violate ESL regulations.

Please see my last support ticket for additional information.
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What the status of this match? We are waiting for opponent
Rush don't came to match - as they wrote.
Please admin, close match.
Admins, what with this match? Can we play with Dignitas?

1,5 hour after the official start of the match and till no reaction of admins.
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To All,

I have been tying to reach various admins to resolve this situation, for several days now, since the team has departed.

The ticket specifically for this match was created on 03/06/13 03:36. As of now my support ticket is still open, no response yet.
We still wait for admin answer - because our opponent can't close or apply match.
Next opponent don't wanna do anything with it - they close room.
We have no opponent so how we can play our match in 1/2 final? Your match is still not accepted.

I sent the protest because now it 50 minutes after official time start.
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someone from ESL administration should bother to check on go4WOT monthly finals once in a while, just to see if there are any problems.

Today would be a good day to start.
Defaulted the win to Dignitas.
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