1. Sign up

Before you sign up for a cup you must:

Then click the sign up link on the cup page

2. Checkin

Check-in usually opens 20 minutes before the start of a cup. To check-in, simply click the check-in link on the cup page during the check-in time and click the button to check-in.

Check-in is first come, first serve, therefore you should be there at the start of check-in to make sure you don't lose your place.

3. Get ready

After checking in, you should get ready for the cup to start.

  • Go to the Cup page and join the Cup Chat
  • Close unneeded programs
  • Load World of Tanks

Watch the Cup Chat for the Cup to begin!

4. Find match

Once the Cup has started, your match will appear in the "matches" area at the bottom of the page.

Hover over "matches" and click the joystick icon for your match will take you to the match page.

Hover over "matches" and click the match to open the chat for your match.

5. Contact opponent

The first place to try contacting your opponent is in-game through World of Tanks. Go to the match page and you will find their World of Tanks nickname underneath their ESL nickname.

If you can't find them on World of Tanks, then try:

  • Writing a comment on the match page
  • Chatting with the match chat (matches at the bottom right and click your match)
  • Cup Chat

Keep trying for at least 10 minutes to contact your opponent via all methods before reporting to an admin in Cup Chat!

6. Play

Once you are in contact with your opponent then you can play your match.

One of you creates a training room in World of Tanks and invites the other Player.

7. Result

Take a screenshot of the result screen (1 for each team)

Go to "matches" ->match setup ->enter the result, in map wins, e.g. 1:0, then the other team can confirm the result.

Either team uploads the screenshot(s) of the match at the match page -> "Upload screenshots"

8. Problems

If you have any problems, go to Cup Chat to get the attention of an admin.

On one line write, "admin: "

e.g. "admin: my opponent has not confirmed http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/go4sc2/cup27/match/19419298/"