Finland vs. Croatia
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MatchID 29959120
Date Thursday, 17 July 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 17 July 20:42
IRC: #esl.wot.cup
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0 : 2
Croatia wins !
Points 0 : +3

13/07/14 07:16
Matchday 9

Hello Teams,

for this matchday, Croatia will be Home Team and will invite you. They choose the side of the first map and start tank picking!


Map 1. Steppes
Map 2. Cliff
Map 3. Ensk
Map 4. Himmelsdorf in Winter
Map 5. Prokhorovka
Map 6. Mines
Map 7. Ruinberg

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We wish you good luck and have fun playing in the Country Championship.

Your CC Admin Team

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