mango  id: 2627296
CPU Intel i7 extreme 2,67 GHz
Videocard Nvidia Geforce 275 GTX
Storage 600GB
Display LG 22 Zoll Widescreen
OS W7 64
Antivirus T-Virus
Mouse Logitech G500
Mousepad steelseries
Keyboard G19
Headphones G35
Connection DSL 32k + 16k
Food Chinesisch
Movie American Pie
Music House, Hands Up
Song Basshunter - Saturday
Actor / Actress Jason Statham, Megan Fox
Car R8
Sport Lacrosse
Athlete Michael Powell
Map de_inferno, Terminal
Game Hero Cate Archer
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) a
Console xBox 360
"They say i´m the best with the gun in the west..."

Schon hart, was aus uns allen geworden ist.. einmal 2009 zurück pls


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