World of Tanks 3on3 Funcup #7

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Battle Settings
  • Teamsize: 3 players (Max. 5 Team Member)
  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
  • Maps: As announced in the Matchsheet

Tank regulations
  • Teams may contain tanks of different
  • Premium vehicles are allowed
  • Only Medium Tanks are allowed
  • No Light and Heavy Tanks
  • Maximum Tier Level: 7
  • Every kind of skins and mods are allowed, if not forbidden in other parts of the rules

Maps and startingposition
Battles are created by one of the team captains. The team on the left side of the matchsheet creates the battle room and starts as team 1. It is possible to arrange that the team on the right side creates the battle room. In this case both teams have to agree.

Best of 1
  1. Map: Team "left" Picks starting position

Best of 3 - Final + third place match
  1. Map: Team "left" Picks starting position
  2. Map: Team "right" Picks starting position
  3. Map: Team "left" Picks starting position

Between two maps both teams have 5 minutes time to pepare. If one team isn't ready after 5 minutes the battle starts without the missing players and the team will be punished with 1 penaltypoint for each missing player. Please take screenshots to prove when the last map was finished and the when 5 minutes passed.

A battle is won if:
  • All enemy vehicles are destroyed within the timelimit

What to do in case of a draw:
  • Match will be replayed
  • Same Players must play
  • Tanks may be changed

Maps and battlezone
  • Ensk
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Ruinberg
  • Lakeville
  • Siegfried Line

    Win 69.000 every Tuesday

    • 1st
    • 21.000
    • 2nd
    • 16.500
    • 3rd
    • 12.000
    • 4th
    • 7.500
    • 5-8th
    • 3.000

      Total prizes: 69.000

      How to claim your prize

      If your team is one of the lucky winners, you have to claim your gold via Support Ticket. Only this way you will be able to receive your gold.
      The support ticket must contain the gameaccounts of the seven players who played at least one match. Only a total of 7 players can get gold. It is not able to split the gold to more players.

      Example Support Ticket:

      Section: Europe World of Tanks
      Subject: 3on3 Funcup #XY
      Team (optional): Select your Cup Team

      Hi Admin Team,

      Here is the list of the players who receive gold.

      Team: Your Cup Team Name
      Cup: 3on3 Funcup #XY
      Place: Your place (1-8)

      Here are the Gameaccounts:

      Maxporwer, N00b, john,

      Team Leader

      Claim your gold here!

    • Parameterpool


      • Ensk
      • Himmelsdorf
      • Ruinberg
      • Siegfried Line *
      • Lakeville
      • Random

      * = Default


      Category: Cup
      Rankingsystem: cup
      Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
      Min. members: 3
      Max. members: 5
      Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
      Match abort: inactive
      Autoconfirm: 60 min.
      Protest period: 3 days