RL Team vs. Siema PL
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 RL Team
 Siema PL
Status: closed
MatchID 29290653
Date Wednesday, 27 November 19:30
Calculated Wednesday, 27 November 20:41
Round Round of 16
map Ruinberg - Encounter
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Result Media
1 : 0
RL Team wins !
Wednesday, 27 November 20:42
Personal score*
458 kB, Wednesday, 27 November 20:42, by 6525246 (RLT)
Wednesday, 27 November 20:42
Team score*
370 kB, Wednesday, 27 November 20:42, by 6525246 (RLT)
* No longer available

RL Team

Siema PL

comments (1)
Time regulation was to 19:40 we waited and it was not because of a malfunction of the system waited another 10 minutes and also they were not there and the rest of the teams happened to play games. So we report protest the lack of an opponent
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