Czy na czech vs. RL Team
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 Czy na czech
 RL Team
Status: closed
MatchID 29290643
Date Wednesday, 27 November 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 27 November 20:31
Round Round of 32
map Himmelsdorf - Encounter
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0 : 1
RL Team wins !
Wednesday, 27 November 20:32
Personal score*
450 kB, Wednesday, 27 November 20:32, by 6525246 (RLT)
Wednesday, 27 November 20:32
Team score*
370 kB, Wednesday, 27 November 20:32, by 6525246 (RLT)
* No longer available

Czy na czech

RL Team

comments (5)
system error. Server Down
Game crashed 2 times already due to World of Tanks server errors, so we have to wait for for them to start working...
Ok, i know than. Please play the game asap.
dc again...
Play on EU 2
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