ToDi  id: 4221409
CPU intelcore i7
Videocard Nvidia Gforce 560ti
Soundcard Razer Megalodon
Storage 560gb SSD
Motherboard Asus
Display Scott "19"
OS Win7 64 Bit
Antivirus Kaspersky
CD/DVD steht lg drauf.
Mouse Roccat kone[+]
Mouse Skatez 3
Mousepad Roccat Taito King Size
Keyboard Logitech G19
Headphones Razer Megalodon
Connection 32000 DSL Lan
TV Sony
Sound system LG
Console(s) PS3
Handheld(s) PSVita
Mobile Phone Sony Xperia S
Drink Asbach Cola
Food Salat.
Movie The Black Hawk Down
Music Dupstep Electro House
Song Nero me and You
Book Sparbuch
Person Phil Taylor
Actor / Actress Vin Diesel
Sport Handball,Darts
Athlete Henning Fritz , Phil Taylor
Map De_Tuscan, De_Train
Clan Mousesports
Player Tixo
Game Hero Eric Cartman
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Orc
Inaktiv Bye Bye

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