ESL Wire Anti-Cheat strikes again!
Customizations of the game in order to have an unfair advantage is the same as cheating and that's why changing the VPK files will be punished the same way. And today we want to show you the results of our work we have done in the past weeks to ensure the best possible security against cheaters in ESL matches.

ESL Wire Update for Linesman

Before we come to the bust list we also want to say that we updated ESL Wire today and now Linesman is also supporting Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

Your direct connection to the developer team

Of course, we also want to remind you of the contact address we created. You think you've encountered a cheat we're not detecting? You know an exploit to bypass Wire Anti-Cheat? Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we are highly appreciative of every feedback we receive:

Support your league

A big "thank you!" goes out to all of our Premium User for their constant support. With Premium you directly support the further development of Anti-Cheat and help us keeping the leagues clean.

418 users were caught by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat since 25/10

BawertL (837***)qRx (904***)MY (1049***)
Roberto Santos (8105***)heyhater (1139***)xatu (1140***)
Chunt1 (1189***)hater (1252***)Hardwell (1310***)
Mo (1411***)xed (1439***)naiS (1562***)
s L y (1714***)hYdeN (1734***)xarm (1753***)
SnoookY (1759***)cRs. (1771***)Steve (1783***)
wazzzzzup (1826***)BlauerGlücksbärchie (1833***)stoll (1836***)
internet friend (1922***)HAZE69 (1925***)wowa (1941***)
NxT (1975***)k1am (2014***)Kev1n (2027***)
Knox (2038***)SoSa (2049***)reactioN (2060***)
Rakkun (2072***)Hühnerauge (2079***)Digga (2185***)
cleanbust aha bye (2188***)Hulk (2192***)mOno (2228***)
FaiX (2254***)MyztiK (2316***)kOloSs (2347***)
FICKTEUCH (2348***)swat (2350***)private baby' (2431***)
ch1x (2446***)MAD (2500***)n1ke (2512***)
KEKSii (2523***)jD. (2539***)Jack (2623***)
mell0rdZz (2626***)Mercy (2628***)xDDD (2629***)
hoehnisch (2650***)Johnny19 (2674***)M4rtin3z (2713***)
Lacy (2718***)STOFFTIER (2753***)cheasy (2907***)
kRYPTONIT_ (2928***)STONY (2929***)Rinkachichiki (2932***)
Heinrich Kuhn (2998***)tingeltangel (3022***)schwede (3034***)
pinata. (3039***)Halogen_Crystal (3041***)PixelBoy (3046***)
leGitim (3071***)CrAzZzY (3092***)PoTHeaD (3112***)
wiNo (3189***)xNo (3193***)deeper (3206***)
Die Fette Faust (3234***)SGLog (3239***)cybex (3243***)
YEEEEPPAAAAAA (3304***)nTk (3331***)xRaY (3334***)
Aerok (3339***)NOZO (3382***)donpacko (3496***)
yARRAKSPOR (3501***)XAN1 (3506***)lazar (3514***)
ABRAKADABRA (3514***)SABBLBERT (3549***)crizzi (3554***)
ttesc (3560***)magic thomson (3582***)Jutschin (3592***)
k0b (3622***)CRONNY (3677***)tim.s (3710***)
FRANKLYN (3724***)peazy (3730***)SARATOGA (3750***)
seveNN (3754***)TeK (3766***)TYRANNOSAURUSREX (3767***)
Rabbit HASST EUCH (3774***)IhrLappenS (3776***)sunnryze (3778***)
zyx (3795***)imartN (3813***)Husti (3819***)
NoT (3851***)Samweis Gamdschie (3904***)KIFFBOHNE (3905***)
m03 (3914***)STRESS OHNE GRUND (3937***)ouuuBusted (3971***)
auserwählter (3988***)sTeeV (3990***)EPSOX (3997***)
xScreaM (4000***)InUrFace (4037***)Skunk (4071***)
Hi5 (4091***)psl (4122***)ALLAHU AKBAR (4145***)
Twista (4168***)heyho (4194***)nM (4199***)
Tms (4204***)SUPERNIKNOGZ (4299***)Marco949 (4313***)
Driimy' (4339***)TWISTER (4341***)kazhak (4342***)
Sch1m1 (4366***)qeew. (4373***)CrAsh (4380***)
Nimmt in mund (4399***)Blondie (4521***)minusmensch (4545***)
Gebusted (4565***)DonEdHardY (4577***)dex. (4596***)
xlippe (4625***)DaR (4628***)rqlph (4678***)
syndR (4708***)robson (4715***)z (4728***)
alekssoN (4766***)BoneZmc. (4767***)nckz (4768***)
h1GHL4NDER (4779***)VVV (4787***)zor (4841***)
Dr.Hugo (4877***)K�FFAAAAA (4877***)r0m4n (4950***)
Radeon (4957***)delacc (4958***)ocb (4958***)
PANDA (4964***)KoNAMi (4985***)XMODE (5037***)
transporter (5043***)Ivcho0 (5072***)magic jackson (5073***)
silversurfer (5086***)hitboxer (5097***)aFaa (5099***)
elmeromero (5142***)Staptie (5161***)N1K (5184***)
Snackz0r (5188***)kliToWitz (5206***)edit by admin (5244***)
trippy (5253***)ANABOLIKA (5262***)asdf (5270***)
stan (5277***)fuckyou (5298***)Alterego (5303***)
KILLER DULE (5306***)SiNTeX (5375***)m1guelito0 (5387***)
danp (5412***)loki (5425***)THUG (5430***)
BALLERT BRUDI (5449***)coveR (5478***)dingel (5495***)
Sexy (5570***)supercukier1 (5586***)xENI (5635***)
T0NYG (5681***)KingRhobarIII (5700***)nichtderderdudenkst (5701***)
philOo (5703***)dNk (5719***)shackZ (5722***)
Azz (5725***)Baricade (5729***)dNy' (5780***)
FANAT1CS (5782***)christopheR (5818***)NObrainNOgain (5822***)
apfeljacke23 (5832***)luigi (5837***)Flasher (5848***)
ChriSS (5858***)pivvot (5904***)Robin4FAME (5941***)
NaCkEnKlAtScHe (5957***)tjwzjk (5958***)blue (5988***)
edit by admin (6013***)DanGerouSNN (6017***)pr0_fessoR (6020***)
Vip Anderson (6042***)BLiNG (6045***)ONIX (6049***)
abnormal (6081***)Nozuria (6082***)E x x o (6088***)
sunr1ze (6108***)Balkan bAg cannabis (6120***)hateme (6123***)
HOWARD WOLOWITZ (6125***)StivE (6134***)Chipmunk (6151***)
ToasTy (6222***)LoCo (6267***)Prifix (6276***)
noX (6302***)mrtN (6343***)Gelsi (6391***)
aRa (6436***)hicran (6452***)flrn (6459***)
phoeeenix (6470***)HarpY- (6473***)kEuLE (6516***)
Metan (6562***)loca (6573***)awpmnstr (6588***)
KILLER LEO (6594***)Rize (6600***)axonia''' (6604***)
appaku animaru (6659***)JOnas (6673***)JrDuRy (6675***)
iOlrami (6703***)rEplan (6729***)qq (6756***)
nona (6769***)faken (6792***)Peter (6793***)
Devil (6794***)Lipa (6796***)Locke der Boss (6799***)
Juli l Tomorrow (6834***)Nikolay aka Maziii (6834***)tree (6835***)
Rozek (6850***)Tekkno (6866***)TECK (6882***)
Joker (6895***)zLYN (6909***)Krake (6909***)
noppo1337 (6935***)happy merchant (6956***)Tim (6974***)
Trevor (6995***)RAIDER (7003***)imSkyyy (7032***)
St0ne (7048***)Boost (7063***)unknowN (7077***)
holyg4mer (7105***)TpunkT (7114***)H4fkas (7136***)
ironhugo00 (7166***)Giraffe (7205***)black (7211***)
okkkkkkkk (7260***)Murdoc (7291***)slainJer (7294***)
LaGGeR (7301***)IOR (7387***)Gostikovsky. (7413***)
pursuit (7415***)Huubiii (7428***)Tric (7430***)
maxiG (7434***)ms (7446***)Aleex'. (7462***)
ShiZo (7465***)nixRRR (7473***)HalunkenLancyyyy (7481***)
Diamond (7496***)tNN the great (7539***)d_rly (7539***)
Reflex (7541***)Too HIGH (7542***)kaS (7550***)
KuRNeM (7551***)Atexi (7551***)Nooby (7566***)
Johnnyyy (7573***)Bunicul (7594***)Noize (7628***)
blubb (7639***)FLUXXYOU (7661***)Upsss (7678***)
ipetixD (7681***)MSCI.styi (7683***)Kid (7687***)
tazz (7702***)boo (7718***)BarH (7725***)
ivaN (7726***)Sytex (7740***)woszczu1331 (7744***)
alecleamas (7748***)Inkl (7756***)LOLKFC (7757***)
YMCMB (7781***)TomeK (7792***)AIMSTARS. solar (7795***)
Morph (7804***)BABANATRiiX (7831***)EyDerBoss (7839***)
sm0kYY- (7840***)Yunus (7844***)FRANK-BOOTH (7845***)
LANCE BUTTERS (7851***)MICHAEL KUHR (7851***)yester (7857***)
Hassha (7858***)Swag1337 (7873***)Kynot (7884***)
persi (7888***)Remi (7891***)Hopfiii (7893***)
ReMuS (7893***)Fac3Zz (7895***)hpz (7897***)
BANNED (7900***)astronaut (7900***)haxze (7902***)
Baka (7904***)Liner (7906***)LoL-dA-k1NG (7906***)
ymcyymcy (7923***)nenkov (7927***)shenn (7928***)
Enton (7928***)Blackout (7928***)Move (7939***)
RoterGlücksbärchie (7940***)Minib (7942***)keizbOb (7950***)
probob (7957***)krayz (7958***)PAMP (7958***)
v0RTEXi0N (7960***)akka (7969***)ZorrowUP (7980***)
JokuJonne (7981***)Saucy (7981***)hot chocolate (7983***)
zotexx (7985***)boss (7986***)remoxcs (7996***)
AresZsHD (7997***)ENJOY (8000***)hustleris (8003***)
AvaTAr (8008***)Fran_Soy_Yo (8011***)voLT. (8014***)
rus_SWADDIE (8014***)Noizy (8016***)ghost (8017***)
Stulle (8017***)BlackMan (8017***)Shinn (8018***)
�päräXD (8019***)shaguiLLe (8020***)nespresso (8022***)
dakin0vici (8023***)RaGe (8026***)wizzby (8026***)
mucki (8029***)kua ten (8030***)BesT (8032***)
CORUBA1337 (8034***)smnlina (8036***)Sev3NN (8042***)
Cybolic (8042***)exN (8043***)TROLLI (8043***)
Officer Doofy (8044***)Neom1337 (8047***)fAEGETT (8049***)
nassim_x3 (8054***)DaX (8057***)Yagami (8064***)
HuensenESEL (8064***)Roman123456 (8070***)asdasd (8071***)
LOLAIM (8073***)cAnnabiS aTTaCKS (8073***)HylianNCL (8074***)
cowbajagi69 (8075***)DerGutausehende (8076***)dELACRUZ (8078***)
Monoxide (8078***)SuErTe (8079***)UNBUSTBAR (8081***)
jozuping (8089***)ankou (8091***)FANDA (8103***)

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bLackhawk, Saturday, 14/12/13 07:45
comments (20)
wow. a entire bunch of people...
very nice
This is good to see! Great work :)
GJ Guys!
this is just the begin !
Good job!
first place woohoo! LEGENDE!
Thank you for your positive feedback!
what about the people who use ambient occlusion with nvidia cards to negate the effects of smoke? That's something that still needs to be addressed because it's a constant pain in the arse on versus.

Also you could catch about 1000 more cheaters by simply making uploading the source TV demos mandatory ... Hell if you weren't such tight arses you could spend some money on the system and actually buy your own servers so we don't have to play on servers that are hosted on a nokia 3210, like CSSMIXES used to. If you look at how long most of the banned cheaters were getting away with it it's actually pretty piss poor effort on ESLs part. I mean gratz on the update allow esl wire to actually do something, but it would of happened a lot sooner if source TV demos were available for every game ....
Can you do something about private hacks in CoD2 CoD4? There's still a lot of cheaters, even under Wire anticheat
-1 cheater = +1 fun
he he ....nice job guys!!
These players all from GhostReconOnline?
bulgaro wrote:
he he ....nice job guys!!
These players all from GhostReconOnline?

Lol bulgaro, nobody use Wire anymore on GR:O since admins let the players down
Yes nice work but your ban for nothing as software.
I'm ban for cheat and I do not cheat and admin sends me off.
> NObrainNOgain (5822***)
i lol'd so hard
-_- boje
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