New update for ESL Wire
A new update for ESL Wire has been released. Wire is now able to detect games from other Steam libraries than the standard one. This is supposed to fix the "insecure" problem some CS players are experiencing. Also the Ingame Overlay has been deactivated as it could occasionally cause problems. This might make a beneficial impact on your performance and frees up resources we can invest in more important features.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have ESL Wire already installed it will download the latest update automatically when you start it next time. The only downside is, that all games, which were added manual, will be removed due to the game detection change. You only need to add them again, if we do not have an automated way of detecting them again.

Support your league

A big "thank you!" goes out to all of our Premium User for their constant support. With Premium you directly support the further development of Anti-Cheat, VERSUS and the A-Series. And you also support the development of new features, just like Linesman in VERSUS.
otacon, Thursday, 11/07/13 06:07
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
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Scheint niemanden mehr zu interessieren, for ever alone.
good job
Wir wollen die EPS in CSS WIEDERHABEN +1
Can i make Screenshot with esl wire?
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