How To: Linesman in VERSUS
Last week we released Linesman in VERSUS for all users, which meant that all no smoke users were detected and got banned for Cheating. Besides a small bust list from the last couple of days we want to present some facts about the past days and of course tell you what to report to the admins and how you should do it.

How To: Linesman in VERSUS

In general we don't want to restrict VERSUS as much as the normal cups and leagues, so a wrong config setting won't be punished, but we will punish Custom Files, No Recoil Script and other settings or changes, which can have an advantage in the game.
There will always be a one-time warning before the player gets a VERSUS ban, except for no smoke cheats, which are punished with 12 penalty points and a two years barrage.

How to report those cases?
You can open a normal support ticket and explain the misdoing, which also means you should always add a link of the match, the player and the Linesman file, so the admin have all details they need.

Issue with slow upload

We are also working on the upload problems and made the first steps into fixing these problems. However, if you still have problems with the upload of the data, please open topic in the Wire forum.

Support your league

A big "thank you!" goes out to all of our Premium User for their constant support. With Premium you directly support the further development of Anti-Cheat, VERSUS and the A-Series. And you also support the development of new features, just like Linesman in VERSUS. To celebrate this new feature we want to offer you Premium at a 50% discount:

90 Premium Days for €7.50 (Instead of €14.99 as single payment)
180 Premium Days for €13.50 (Instead of €26.99 as single payment)

Linesman for VERSUS: 50% Premium Discount
Only available for a limited time

Both offers are pre paid ESL Premium which can be bought multiple times. So if you are looking to have ESL Premium on a longer term then just 6 month, you can either take one offer multiple times or combine them.

Your connection to us

Again, we want to remember you about the email address we recently created. You think you've encountered a cheat we're not detection? You know an exploit to bypass Wire Anti-Cheat? Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we are highly appreciation every feedback we receive:

Linesman busts since 04/06/13

dolceeee (926***)eXit (1624***)swizz (5253***)
Nano (4160***)Asoka (5072***)ismo (4716***)
masta._. (2996***)nWoMaverick (78***)vib3s (989***)
CODE (3631***)batry (5884***)PreFiX' (7696***)
martn (1778***)troll (2952***) (1808***)
xvs (6074***)paNtheR (7033***)BoRa (3761***)
Burna (4159***)vio (1000***)benjo (1016***)
no.0dles (6819***)RuxRyu (650***)xShaNe (5755***)
Eddie (2479***)carrrr (2187***)DAV9 (2743***)
jeho (2444***)paschtet (3636***)weedy (1119***)
lolxD (2667***)Excess (4381***)intR (6424***)
jesterday (1999***)LUqi (3962***)Heumi (1936***)
mR.xXx (2355***)GeFoRcE (1330***)MaLiaNo (7462***)
Twisted (5689***)StyX (531***)creep (770***)
done (1408***)bez cenzury (4453***)
bLackhawk, Friday, 14/06/13 09:51
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why is still nothing happened in BF2? Last news said that it is enabled...
lol nice
Tousty wrote:
why is still nothing happened in BF2? Last news said that it is enabled...

And it is. What is the problem?
bLackhawk wrote:
Tousty wrote:
why is still nothing happened in BF2? Last news said that it is enabled...

And it is. What is the problem?

Ah ok...thats the reason why there is no need to start VS with Esl-Wire. "No ESL-Wire required"

That really sounds like "enabled"
Ah now I get the problem, yeah BF2 doesn't have Wire Anti-Cheat enabled in VERSUS, but I try to get some news up to tell the users about the changes.
hi lads
omfg report me leave and im not leave fuck esl!
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