VERSUS gets the Linesman treatment
Over the last weeks we did a closed beta for ESL Wire. Starting with few selected trusted and premium user it was expended up to 8.000 user. This beta test helped us to address several issues within Wire and led us to today's rather large update for ESL Wire. From now on, our ESL Wire module Linesman fully supports VERSUS in every game and mode Linesman supported already in the regular leagues and ladders.

VERSUS with Linesman support

A few weeks ago we asked for your opinion with our Wire Anti-Cheat survey. We got a lot of feedback from you and are very thankful for that! As part of your community feedback we decided to prioritize Linesman Support in VERSUS in our development process.

What is Linesman?
Linesman is an ESL Wire module, generating a ZIP file with the config files from the game and a log with color depth and other settings. You do not need to enable it. The file is streamed directly to our servers, so there is no way to manipulate it. You can download the files from the matchsheet after the match. Linesman supports and from now on Battlefield 2 as well.

ESL Wire Update Overview
  • Linesman supports VERSUS
  • Linesman integration Battlefield 2
  • Several bug fixes

  • Thanks to everybody who tested the beta, reported bugs and gave suggestions for improvement. If you have any problems with the latest update, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Support your league

    A big "thank you!" goes out to all of our Premium User for their constant support. With Premium you directly support the further development of Anti-Cheat, VERSUS and the A-Series. And you also support the development of new features, just like Linesman in VERSUS. To celebrate this new feature we want to offer you Premium at a 50% discount:

    90 Premium Days for €7.50 (Instead of €14.99 as single payment)
    180 Premium Days for €13.50 (Instead of €26.99 as single payment)

    Linesman for VERSUS: 50% Premium Discount
    Only available for a limited time

    Both offers are pre paid ESL Premium which can be bought multiple times. So if you are looking to have ESL Premium on a longer term then just 6 month, you can either take one offer multiple times or combine them.

    Your connection to us

    Again, we want to remember you about the email address we recently created. You think you've encountered a cheat we're not detection? You know an exploit to bypass Wire Anti-Cheat? Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we are highly appreciation every feedback we receive:
    otacon, Tuesday, 04/06/13 09:25
    50% Premium discount
    ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
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    NICE!!!!! thx ESL :)
    update juhu ! :)
    good job! finally have added Linesman
    Better if you add function automatic screenshoot your game something like aequitas or azereus maybe in next step you will think about this
    Add linesman support for GTA:SA!
    Da' Paradise wrote:
    Better if you add function automatic screenshoot your game something like aequitas or azereus maybe in next step you will think about this

    Only if it won't lags game!
    rly nice :=)
    yes add 100 useless modules so it will be faster...
    still nothing happened in bf2....
    When will it be used for cross fire too? :(
    Why no for warrock?
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