ESL Wire Anti-Cheat - the Auto Hotkey problem
Two weeks ago we asked for your input about the Auto Hotkey programs and after analyzing your feedback we came to a decision for now. In this news we want to state why our decision was made this way and why your feedback was so important for us and of course we have some reminders for you as well.

Auto Hotkey programs

As we explained in the last news there are some problems with completely forbidding the usage of those programs and banning the users, who are using them. Over the last two weeks we received a lot of feedback from the community with advantages for banning all users, but we also got a lot of other reactions from you.
Those Auto Hotkey programs can be used in a legal way like by binding text modules for Notepad or other programs, so working gets a lot faster. You can just bind a set of key or mouse strokes to one key and use it instead of clicking 5 or 10 times to get where you want. And because many of you are using those tools in a legal way (e.g. for there daily work), we decided not to ban for having these running. However, we are still punishing players, who are using No Recoil scripts If we detect those kind of cheats while analyzing a demo. These kind of cheating will result in the usual cheating barrage: 12 penalty points and a two year barrage. Though, this decision doesn't mean that we stop looking for a proper solution to detect these scripts automatically in order to ban the players who are using them.
At this point we want to thank all users, who wrote us with their own opinion, we really appreciate your feedback.

Closed Beta

We are currently testing a new Wire version with over 4,000 users from all kinds of different countries and games to make the next ESL Wire release as good as possible. The survey news we posted on Friday was one way to get some users into this closed beta and we will most likely invite more users into the beta at the end of the week. We are really looking forward releasing this new version and we want to thank all users who are currently helping us with testing.

Two reminders

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat survey
If you want to help us improve ESL Wire Anti-Cheat, then you should use this possibility and take a look at the survey to provide us with more feedback.

Wire Anti-Cheat Survey

Your connection to us
And again, we want to remind you about the email address we recently created to directly get feedback to the Anti-Cheat Task Force. You think you've encountered a cheat we're not detection? You know an exploit to bypass Wire Anti-Cheat? Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we are highly appreciation every feedback we receive:

And a big "thank you!" goes out to all of the whistle-blowers as well as all of our Premium Users for their constant support, which enables us to keep working hard on making our league as cheat free as possible.
bLackhawk, Friday, 10/05/13 08:30
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Survey
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Can i get awards when i used new beta wire?;p
No, we don't have any beta awards this time.
bLackhawk wrote:
No, we don't have any beta awards this time.

Something I noticed is that Arctic Combat anti hack program crashes when I try to use ESL Wire, maybe there's something in the program that makes it crash.
bLackhawk wrote:
No, we don't have any beta awards this time.

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